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Technology foundation:

B-Up’s Data backup is session-based. A session is a process during which a data selection on a client device is backed up to a remote server. Backup sessions result in the creation of virtual copies that can be retrieved at any time.

Because data tends to change, backup sessions usually run on a repeated basis (for instance, every day). You can start a new backup session manually or you can create a schedule for it.

1 data source = 1 backup session

Protection by top military standards


B-Up encrypts files and data using the private security key created during installation (data will be unavailable without the key). One of the following encryption methods is used: AES-128 (default),AES-256 or Blowfish-448.

Effective and practical

Effective and practical:

B-Up takes the files from the list one by one in a subsequent priority (defined by the user) and newer (defined by modification date) and processes them using:

Compression (to reduce their size (saves bandwidth and storage space).

– Encryption

Combination– multiple pieces (fragments) in “cabinets” for more efficient use of network resources and storage.

Incremental backups

Delta Backup:

B-Up scans the system to find the data to be backed up and compares the results with those of the previous session. The comparison is based on file attributes (names, modify dates, size, access permissions, and so on) stored in the Backup Register. If at least one attribute in a file is changed, the file is added to the queue for further processing – on the principle of increment.

Advantages of the B-Up technology

No preparation

B-Up users won’t be doing any backup preparations: moving files to a separate folder, compressing them, or checking for duplicates.



B-Up first compares the properties with the files. Only if there are changes, content analysis is done. This drastically reduces the time it takes to detect changes, especially when it comes to a large database.


The data sent for storage is always unique in the sense that only the changed blocks are transmitted and only one copy of each change is submitted. This ensures that the bandwidth and storage space are used economically.

Reliable Recovery

If it is necessary to return something while the backup is in progress, the user can immediately begin the recovery. All active backup sessions will be put on hold until the update is complete.

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