Doubles Up your security

What do you have with ServerUp?

  • Simple setup and compatibility with your systems (System State, MS SQL, VMware, Hyper-V, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, Oracle)
  • Reliable restore to the version that you were working on, as well as Virtual Disaster, Recovery, Bare Metal Recovery and Fast Local BackUp.
  • High efficiency using the incremental True Delta BackUp, the ability for Seeding in sessions with faster internet connection, and setting filters.

Allow Transformation

Technology once...

Keeping backups at a physically identical location or external HDD is cost-effective and followed by a high risk. Most often these kinds of backup are dysfunctional when the copy is needed.

Technology now!

Hybrid Cloud technology – You continue with your way of working, as you know best, and ServerUp will automatically find and backup all the documents wherever they are stored.

Why Use ServerUp?

Simply, you have a backup that you know is safe and functional at any time.
  • # You need a confirmation that your backup is completely functional?
    Absolutely, you receive a detailed report on the sessions, and we monitor performance.
  • # Lower costs and availability 24/7?
    You have no need of additional investments in the hardware components, everything is stored securely on a Cloud location.
  • # You want Virtual Disaster Recovery?
    Simply, we will set up a location that will be redundant and separated from your primary location, always available with the version you want.

“There are so many other scenarios in which you will find the “peace of mind” in the secure and simple Recovery – performed in 1-2-3 steps.”

How does it work?



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