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Which are the system requirements for backup?
Hardware requirements
2 GB of computer memory (RAM)
Dual-core processor or better
150 MB of free disk space (for installation)
Screen resolution of 1024 х 768 pixels or higher
High-speed Internet connection
How long does it take to backup my data?
Speed depends on several factors:
– data size
– Internet speed (Upload)
– power of the workstation
What kind of files can I backup?
All of them which are important to you, including MP3, photos, documents, videos, and even files that are open or in use.
How often are the software updates updated and who is responsible for this?
Updates are on a routine basis and are the responsibility of the provider. Included here are upgrades, improvements, security and performance enhancement.
What is Cloud Backup?
First, we define cloud technology. Cloud storage is for storing and collecting your personal / corporate data on your small area of ​​the Internet. Nothing is stored on your local hard drive and is accessible from any location, from any device and at any time.

If it all sounds a bit overwhelming, think about an email service that you already use, for example Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail end so on. None of these messages that you send and receive actually occupy space on your local hard drive, they are stored on the emails service providers: this is a form of Cloud storage.

To use this example, be aware that you can log in and access your email messages from any computer, any laptop, and any smartphone. This is enabled only by Cloud technology.

However, many people do not realize that while keeping in a “cloud,” your data still needs to be physically stored on a device somewhere. Whether this is a flash drive or a traditional hard drive for storage, companies that offer this service should still have large servers dedicated to storing your data. These sites are often referred to as “server farms” and are essentially huge warehouses filled with servers running 24/7/365.

What happens to my data at the end of the trial period?
One of two things. If you decide to buy the package for which you have registered – your data remains in the same place – safe and secure, you are just continuing to use the service. If you decide not to use the service, in that case your data will be deleted from our servers within 30 days.
Can Macs And PCs Be backed up? Laptops and desktops?
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
What do I need to start a trial?
Nothing, except for data you do not want to lose … and an email address so you can register. You do not need a credit card. Simply sign up for a free trial and leave the rest to us.
What if I lose my hardware (laptop)?
Because data is stored on Cloud, they do not depend on one device. Literally, you are taking a new device, plugging in the Internet and all your data is there, without missing out or losing anything. All your data is available to you, and you will never have to worry about transferring them.

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