Keeps Up your docs

What you have with DocuUp?

  • Automatically creates a secure copy of all documents from your computer in just few minutes, no matter where you store the files.
  • Stunningly affordable and simple, ultra safe, with full encryption according to GDPR.
  • Excellent user support and a professional team that will respond to your challenges.

Allow Transformation

Some things won't change

70% of people store documents locally on Desktop without backups, regardless of all the policies about secure storing such as Shared Folder, Share Drive and similar options.

Keep up with your working habits

Continue with your way of working, as you know best, and DocuUp will automatically find and backup all the documents wherever you have saved them.

Why use DocuUp?

Simply, whatever happens on your computer, you return your documents with one click.

  • # Your computer isn’t running?
    Don’t worry, return your documents to another computer or on your own, once you have fixed it.
  • # Have you deleted the document by mistake?
    Easily, restore the document through the B-Up client manager.
  • # Do you need an older version of the document?
    Simply, restore the document from the day of the old version.

“There are so many other scenarios in which you will find the “peace of mind” in the secure and simple Recovery – performed in 1-2-3 steps.”

How does it work?



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