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What do you have with DeskUp?

    • You work by latest trends and you are free of worries.
      All files, installations and programs have been copied to a secure EU Cloud location and you can download them wherever and whenever you want.
    • Save your IT resources
      Zero waste time on installation, servicing, virus reparation or changing your computer.
  • Confident partner
    Professional user support for each question whenever you need the cutting-edge technology of Hybrid Cloud backUp.

Allow Transformation

Some things are daily

Computer major, virus or systemic problems are happening on daily basis. But without proper backup, they represent a bad experience, lost time, money and lots of nerves. And by fact it happens on 1 of 10 computers.

We stand for less worries

Everyday inconveniences can have a normal course. In any situation, return the required document or the full set of data, programs and settings from the functional period.

Why use DeskUp?

Simply, in any situation, you immediately return to work.

  • # Your computer isn’t running or you want a new one?
    Simply, the full set of data, programs, and settings are saved to a secure Cloud and you make replication on a new computer or on the one after it is fixed.
  • # Need a preinstallation due to a virus?
    Easily, with one click, restore the computer to the moment when it operated without a virus.
  • # Have you deleted a document or program by mistake?
    Easily, restore the documents or programs through the B-Up Client manager.

“There are so many other scenarios in which you will find the “peace of mind” in the secure and simple Recovery – and we are your best support”

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